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Help us provide a monetary cushion for our learners while they focus their energies on learning, not earning.

OUR proposition

Why you should sponsor a learner

Exponential Impact

Every HVA fellow has a possibility of becoming a sponsor once they graduate. Together, you and the graduates can fund impact for an exponential number of next generation learners.

Inspiring Communities

Our community of learners, mentors and sponsors bring invaluable personal experiences in growth, learning and entrepreneurship. You can become a part of this enriching, positive experience.

Complete Transparency

Our fund utilisation and model is completely transparent and learner-oriented. All sponsors get mapped to specific fellow journeys and receive monthly progress reports.

Meet our learners!

Here are stories from some of our learners who graduated from HV Academy

Shubhangi's graduation from Pune University, Maharashtra coincided with the onset of COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, when many software companies had gone on a hiring freeze. Part of one of the first batches of fellows at HVA, after 6 months of experiential learning, she is now working as a Software Development Intern at Ithena Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Pune.
Shubhangi Siddhapure
SDE Intern, Ithena Technologies Pvt Ltd
Baljeet graduated 12th standard in 2020 with a background in Science from Delhi. COVID-19 soon put a hold on his plans to work and save money to buy a new laptop, so he could start to learn coding on his own. Baljeet joined HVA in April 2021, and is now working as a Full Stack Developer at Nativebyte Softwares LLP.
Baljeet Singh
Full Stack Developer, Nativebyte Softwares LLP
Currently living in Delhi, Deepak’s hometown is near Ayodhya in UP. Not wanting to be a burden on his family, Deepak took up jobs in call centre and hotels. His interest in programming led him to join HVA. He is now working as a Full Stack Developer at Aay Technology Pvt. Ltd. Deepak is a poet, a guitar player, and a fitness enthusiast.
Deepak Sharma
Full Stack Developer, Aay Technology Pvt Ltd

Frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please take a look at these FAQs.

Why are we paying stipends to the learners?

Several of our learners cannot afford to join our bootcamp full-time even if it is free of cost. They are typically first-generation learners who need to support their families to make a living. Many of them end up skipping college to start working to support their families. If we pay our learners a monthly stipend for the duration of the bootcamp (6 months), they can afford to give their 100% time, energy and mind space towards learning and securing a safer future for themselves and their family.

What is the stipend amount?

The stipend for each learners varies widely. This is derived based on a learner's monthly requirements - the amount required to take care of one's personal needs as well as the needs of the household (if they have dependent family members).

This includes a laptop monthly rental of Rs. 2500 for those who need it, and other charges like internet, Udemy courses which amount to Rs. 500 per month. At the end of 6 months, any unused amount is either refunded back to sponsors or added to HV Academy's corpus fund.

How do you select the learners?

Fellows apply to us from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of them are sourced from Tier-2, Tier-3 engineering colleges, while some of them are referred to us through our partner NGOs. What is common among those selected is a sense of motivation, a thirst for knowledge and a want for change.

We evaluate applications based on a model that checks cognition, communication and emotional quotient. Interviews consist of a puzzle round to check for reasoning followed by a round that checks the background and culture fit of the fellows.

What is the end goal for the learners?

What can be achieved by the learners is only limited by their imagination. The fellows are given training in technical and soft skills so that they are work-ready at the end of 6 months. We have had fellows graduate out of HVA get placed in the tech industry as software developers, with pay packages ranging from 4LPA - 9LPA.

What is expected of me as a sponsor?

We would like you to be as involved in the learner's journey as possible. For the learner, you can be their role model. Do share your own journey, snapshots from your work-life, and your motivations with the learner.

We would encourage you to interact with the learner at least once every month, for 15-30 minutes where you can talk to them about their fellowship journey, their milestones, and any challenges they might be facing. However, in the end - it is entirely up to you to make the best out of your interactions with the learner. The sky is the limit - connect with them on Linkedin and Instagram, recommend interesting podcasts/Ted-talks/movies and encourage them to become the best versions of themselves.

If you have more questions or would like to speak to us directly, please share your contact details, we will reach out to you!

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